June 21, 2019
As Nawar Hussein sees things, the conventional wisdom isn’t wrong. One of the best reasons for buying or selling real property, or even for leasing a property, or putting it up for rent, or even for the owner to use a property is with the hope of getting an impressive return on investment (ROI). That is why he manages to get a better return than most for most clients. But more than that, he is intent on showing his clients and investors know why real estate is such a reliable investment. and, sure enough, he does that better than most. Always, his goal is to make sure the investor knows why real estate provides the highest ROI of any potential investment.

One thing everyone who has worked with him knows about Nawar Hussein is that he has a phenomenal reputation as a real estate investment professional. In addition to his prowess as a real property investor, however, Nawar is also very highly regarded as an entrepreneur of some note. That may provide him with something of an edge. There is also the reality of the Riereta Equity Group to consider, as Rierita has become a leading real estate investment firm. Nawar Hussein helped found Rierita, which specializes in real estate investments throughout Spain, primarily in the Barcelona and Girona regions.